Our Process

Our client service process is built to help us understand your situation and goals, to make the best recommendations and to follow through to make sure you reach your objectives.

  • Discovery

    The initial phase of our work is gathering knowledge and facts about your situation, goals and expectations. We’ll field any questions you have for us, and we’ll make sure that all parties agree on how we will work together.

  • Analysis

    Having learned about you and your needs, we will analyze your information, evaluate your situation and determine the steps needed to achieve your goals. We present our recommendations to you in a clear, understandable manner. And we field your questions and revise our recommendations as appropriate

  • Implementation

    Once you’ve agreed to our recommendations, it’s time to put them into action. We’ll get to work putting your solutions in place. Where necessary, we’ll work with trusted outside experts such as lawyers and CPAs to implement certain aspects of your plan.

  • Monitoring

    We keep clients updated on progress toward their goals. And as your situations, goals and other factors evolve, we can make adjustments small or large to make sure you remain on course.